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Looking to add a new building to your commercial or residential property? Go no further, as Torres Metal Buildings will help you build a rugged steel structure faster and more inexpensively than traditional solutions.

We are top-rated metal builders in Austin, TX, and have built dozens of buildings in our years of experience. Unlike most contractors, we only cater to metal construction, which has made us highly specialized in this field, as evidenced by our 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Our services cater to both commercial and residential properties. Contact us to get a quote on the new addition to your property.

Services Offered by Torres Metal Buildings

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

Why Go for Metal Buildings?

The popularity of metallic buildings is growing by the day, and for the right reasons. These include:

When you use traditional methods to erect buildings, it takes a lot of time to procure the raw materials and assemble everything. Furthermore, so many supplies are used in traditional buildings that even if one runs out, it can halt the entire construction process.

In contrast, custom metal buildings require less raw material and also take a short time for assembly, which allows us to complete the building quickly.

The traditional construction uses vertical columns to support the structures, which limits the utility of space and makes moving stuff around the building inconvenient.

Metallic buildings require few vertical supports; in some cases, they do not require them at all, opening the space. You have the entire space to yourself, making them more flexible and allowing you to design the interior however you want.

Most metallic buildings use steel, one of the most robust materials on earth. It makes the entire structure rugged and robust, which can withstand harsh environmental conditions and spare you from the headache of termites. Essentially, steel buildings will last longer than traditional solutions.

Another benefit of steel is that it does not require routine maintenance. It is easier to clean and retains the finish even years after the construction.

Any other building with different materials has to be refurbished after some time to provide a fresh look. Furthermore, there is no risk of termites, which can be a headache with wooden structures. You can rest in peace knowing no biological organism poses any threat to it.

Steel buildings can be lined up with fiber, glass, metal panels, and rigid boards to make them insulated. Furthermore, it also offers a low-profile ceiling, which, combined with the right color, will significantly reduce energy bills.

In a world where inflation is skyrocketing, having an energy-efficient solution goes a long way toward managing the budget of your household or commercial space.

In a world focused on sustainability, metallic buildings offer a solution to reduce carbon emissions. The process of building metallic buildings emits far less carbon than traditional buildings.
Furthermore, metallic structures are sustainable as they can be broken down, recycled, and used again. It is precisely why you will witness metallic buildings in areas with strict environmental regulations.

Why Go For A Torres Metal Building?

If you have decided to go with metal solutions for your residential or commercial property, Torres Metal Buildings is your best option, particularly for those in Austin, TX. Why? You may ask:

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